[NEW COURSE] Freelance Forward — A 10-day audio-first course.

Create immense clarity, confidence, and momentum for your freelance business in just 30 minutes a day, for 10 days. Learn how to prep, embark, and navigate your personal AND business life as a freelancer with daily audio lessons so you can start to make money and earn back your freedom.

You'll receive lessons, strategies, tactics, stories, insights, & prompts to guide you in designing and building a freelance business that empowers you to live your life, on your terms.

Audio episodes will be dripped out once each weekday, for 10 days. There is ONE live group call on the final day — you get the full value of the rest of the course 100% asynchronously, on your own time before this session (and replay is available).

No more staying up late or waking up early to make your usually hefty investment in normal cohort based courses, "worth it" ‚ A lesson, prompt, and link are all dripped out to you daily via email or text. Listen to the lesson anywhere you are, whenever you want!

After you listen to that day's lesson, into the Ventursom private community and connect with other students and freelancers about the topics or your answers to the prompt! Or drop me a question directly.


1 — Unlearning & Reframing

2 — Mindset & Identity

3 — Services & Ideal Clients

4 — How to Market Your Business to generate new client leads

5 — How to turn those leads into sales and figure out how much to charge

6 — How to get clients results, keep them happy, and turn them into referral sources for future business

7 — Lifestyle Design, Priorities, Values for Your Dream Life

8 — Incredibly Common Mistakes, Traps, Pitfalls — I share my personal fuck ups, mistakes, errors, and how I overcame them, and what I learned in the moment, and later on.

9 — Final Motivation and Inspiration, Call To Act and Change

10 — Live Group Q&A Call — Ask any questions!

3 Reasons why you should consider learning from me:

  • I went from miserable, burnt-out, anxious $55k/yr salaried agency employee, back down to $0, to $90k/yr in my first 12 months as a full-time freelancer. After 5 years of freelancing and marketing agency work, I want and NEED to help coach & mentor other marketers about freelancing to Flexible Freedom. (I still freelance, too). My life and opportunity is endless now that I've been self employed.

  • I ended up surpassing and doubling my end of year goal by the 5th month! Never would've predicted I would make $12k in a month that quickly (or ever). I'm sharing not to brag, but just to show you how awful we are at predictions, planning, and goal setting. We don't know what we don't know, a lot of times. I help point these out the way to demystify things.

  • I am uncomfortably passionate about sharing how to unlearn, reflect, and rewire your brain and thoughts to build a life, and business, you've often only daydreamed of, not one you can ACTUALLY start building today.

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